The Ohio Accountability Project began when a group of concerned, motivated citizens from OH Congressional District 8 came together and decided that their representative in Washington DC–Speaker John Boehner–was no longer adequately representing the people in OH-8. Recognizing this as a trend throughout the state, the group decided to organize and work to replace inadequate elected officials with principled citizens who will be accountable to the people of Ohio.


Replace inadequate elected officials with principled citizens who will be accountable to the people of Ohio


  • Organize and unite the various political and community groups to elect representatives who know and address the needs of their communities
  • Provide the average citizen with an opportunity to have his or her voice expressed
  • Develop and support principled leaders who effectively advocate for the citizens they represent

Current Objectives:

  • Get names of 100,000 people who want better representation in order to demonstrate interest in replacing Speaker Boehner
  • Create a dialogue among political and community group leaders to identify a common objective of replacing current representatives such as Speaker Boehner
  • Involve interested citizens by identifying their leadership strengths and giving them responsibilities that use those strengths


Who we are:



Brian Perhai

Lead Field Trainer


Bobby Tyra

SW Ohio Field Organizer

Ron Fults

Field Organizer 

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